PF ECR (Electronic Challan cum Return) report#

The ECR has to be generated as per the format specified by the PF Department before submitting. The required data will be fetched as per the fields specified by the PF Department.

You can compare the correctness of the data by generating it in a excel file before generating the "text" file for submission.

Steps to generate the ECR Text file

  1. From the home page, go to Reports > Reports Gallery > Statutory Reports - Monthly > PF - ECR Format
  2. Click on Run to generate the report in excel format for verification.
  3. Verify the correctness and click on Generate ECR File. This file has to be saved in Text format as required by the PF Department.
  4. This Text file has to be saved and uploaded under

It is mandatory to give the reason for leaving incase of resigned employes and they have a certain set codes for "Reason for Leaving" field. The values will have to be defined under List of Values and mapped to the code given by the PF Department.

Under System > List of Values > Employee Folder > Leaving Reason map the reason with the PF department specified code. This will appear for selection when you select the "Resigned employees".

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